Howard Hallis


Sam and I were married in 2015. We met at Ground Control Karaoke back in 2011. She works as a scientist at a public health lab and got her PHD from UCLA in Environmental Health Sciences. She's also a DJ specializing in new wave music and a musician in numerous bands. She's also a great cook, loves her cats Nacho and Pele, and enjoys taking photos with Sports Mascots. We had a baby girl named Sydney in 2018.

Sam and Howard portrait


Syd Strange
Syd Thanks
Syd Wonder
Syd Cap
Syd Fish
Syd Tiki
Sam plays keyboard in the oceancore band Bitchin Seahorse:
Bitchin Seahorse

The Sam Abraham Lego Set:
Sam Abraham Lego 1
Sam Abraham Lego 2

Sam plays vibraphone for the band Red Pony Clock and can be seen in their video "Image Is Nothing (Thirst Is Everything)"
Red Pony Clock
Sam runs a Tumblr page where she posts her photos with various sports mascots entitled "F-Yeah Mascots!"
Our cats Nacho and Pele:
Nacho and Pele
At our wedding (August 15, 2015)
Bruin Bears at our wedding
At The 3 Clubs in 2013
Sam and Howard