In London we went to both Gosh Comics and Comicana, both near the British Museum (Tube stop is Tottenham Court Road). Gosh has mostly new comics and a large selection of graphic novels, but Comicana was better at older books, action figures and even a few CGC slabs (all moderns). I got all the books pictured here at Comicana, starting with some pence copies of old Strange Tales issues:

Here's a copy of The Avengers black and white British reprint series with an original Doc cover not seen in the United States:

In Paris most of the comic shops are located in the Saint Germain District (Subway station: "Cluny-la Sorbonne") where we got to Album Comics, Pulps Comics, Gaël comics, among others. I got a great haul of French Dr. Strange items, including a set of reprints from the 80's. These are not the Canadian "Editions Heritage" comics, but square bound full color softcovers published in France:

I had this one already in hardcover, but the softcover came with the set:

Also got a number of Defenders full color square-bound French editions:

This one had 2 softcover editions bound together and was called an "Album":

The recent Eric Larsen Defenders series has yet to be collected in a graphic novel in the States, but all 12 issues are collected in one softcover volume in France... IN FULL COLOR. Wish Marvel would do stuff like this here:

Here's the cover, backcover, and spine:

This collection, which reprints a story arc from the "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" series, is also not available in America:

The recent craptastic JMS "Strange" series in French:

The Amalgam Dr. Strangefate one-shot was published as part of the Marvel vs. DC series in France:

An issue of the long running Marvel reprint series "Strange" which reprints Dormammu's origin (and first appearance of Clea) from Strange Tales #126 and 127:

That's it! I'd say I scored some nice books. Glad my wife was kind enough to indulge me by heading to some comic shops on our honeymoon. (She got to go shopping for clothes as well, so it all balanced out!)